Ordering From La Sleek Fashion (for Customers in Guyana)

Ordering From La Sleek Fashion (for Customers in Guyana)
Facebook- 2 options for Placing a Order

1) Comment under Image you would like to order, or
2) Inbox us the image that you would like to order
We will confirm availability of the item(s) ordered and the total price(including shipping)

Paying for your order
Option 1
Pay online – in Facebook, click on the appropriate link in the description area. This will bring you back to that particular item on this website. You can then following the process through to checkout.This process is not yet applicable to purchases of accessories and cosmetics. If there is no link to the item on Facebook, please ask and we will provide you with the link.

Paying in Guyana – After receiving confirmation of the item’s availability and total price for your order, please contact any one of the following reps to arrange paying the deposit. A mininum deposit of 50% of the total order price is required before the shipping date to secure your order. Balance paid on collection of your order.

Hazel – 6219881
Neville – 6667689

Dolly – 6813223

Karen – 6819842

Dason – 6917233 or 6502569

We bulk ship customers’ orders from London to Georgetown every 14 days
Shipping and handling is GY$1400 per bag . Free shipping on clutch purses, wallets, fashion jewelry, hats and cosmetics.
Next shipment leaves 16th October. Orders in this shipment will be available for collection around the 13th November.
Shipment takes 3-4 weeks from shipping date.

I trust that you will find the above information useful. However, please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have any further questions.

Thanks for your interest. Looking forward to your order.
Kind Regards

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